In our digital age, images and videos can be created, shared and used instantly, across the globe. All of these are subject to copyright. Copyright law is a complex area which means that understanding, valuing and complying with the law can be a daunting task.

Who needs to consider copyright issues?

If you are a user of copyright material (that is likely to be most material that you yourself have not created) then you will have to consider whether you need permission, or clearance before legally using the material.

If you have created copyright material then you will be interested in knowing how to best manage that material and protect against its unauthorised use by others.

Services we offer

• Copyright clearance - the clearance process can be daunting, time-consuming, administratively demanding, and expensive. We can help with your traditional and digital asset management.

• General and bespoke copyright advice and guidance.

• Policy drafting and advice on your organisational copyright strategy and vision.

• Staff training to increase awareness and help lessen any potential liability against infringement claims

• We have specialist experience of the education sector, particularly within Higher Education (HE), international delivery and on-line educational delivery methods.


Fees for our services will depend upon the nature of the advice and work required.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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