How to create great adverts that work for business.

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How to create great adverts that work for your business.

At CP Creative we are graphic designers and web designers. We are based in Cardiff and regularly create advertising of all sorts for local businesses across south Wales.

This article is aimed at helping business owners create eye catching and effective adverts that work for your business. It equally applies to most forms of advertising including posters, signage, billboards and the ever popular pop up banner.

Advertising can be expensive so its important that you make the most of the opportunity. After all, when you purchased your advertising space you did it for a reason. Which leads me on to my first point.

Why are you placing the advert and who is it aimed at?

Is it designed to promote a particular service? Is it aimed at a particular audience?
You need to consider ‘why’ so that you know how to design and copy write your advert.

Write an attention grabbing heading

This isn’t always easy to write and if you need help you should ask your designer or copywriter to help. If you are doing it yourself ask some friends on their opinion. We always like engaging headlines that demand attention.

Logos and where to place them

When it comes to designing adverts most people place their logo at the top of the page, as if the logo is the most important part of the advert. Its not. This advice might be hard to take if you are attached to your logo but its really important. Logos are great, after all we regularly create lots of logos for our clients but it shouldn’t be used as a heading for your advert. The top of your advert or the largest attention grabbing part pf your advert is where most people will look first. This is a key place in the advert to grab the viewers attention – and you dont have much time to grab their attention. This is where your attention grabbing heading should be. Your logo should be smaller and could even go at the bottom of your advert.

A call to action

All this means is that you tell your audience that they need to do something.
You are telling them to pick up the phone, email, get in touch, call into the shop. It could be any one of these or other calls to action.

A time limited offer

Most of us are busy or lazy when it comes to responding to adverts therefore if you place a time restricted offer linked to your call to action it will hopefully spur your potential customers into action.
Maybe something like…

Don’t delay! Call us today to receive a 30% discount. Offer ends tomorrow.

Contact details

Don’t go overboard. You dont need to fill your advert with all the multitude of ways we can contact you. Be selective. Remember who you are aiming your advert at but above all dont forget to add at least some contact details.

We could have one into more detail about image size, using photographs, icons and lots more but these are just a few ideas that will hopefully help you make your advertising more effective.

Good luck and if you want to get in touch with us at CP Creative we would love to hear from you.

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