How well is my website performing on Google?

How well is my website performing on Google?

At CP Creative we are graphic designers based in south Wales and we regularly design publicity and websites for local businesses. Having a business website is only part of the solution. Having a business website that appears high in Google searches which therefore enables your customers to find your services is what you really need.

So – back to the original question. How well is my website performing on Google? Can my customers find me online? These are common questions that most business owners or business managers ask themselves.

Its not too difficult to find out how your site it performing on Google and doesn’t require any special software or knowledge. If you want to find out easily and quickly here are two simple steps that require no specialist knowledge or skills.

Step 1
Make a list of key search terms where you would like your website to be found. A search term is something that someone (maybe a potential customer) would type into Google to search for your services.

Step 2
Spend time googling these search terms and find out where your website is ranked. Make a note of what page you are on. You might also want to count which position you appear. If you do this ignore the paid ads. You ignore the paid adverts (marked as Ad in a box next to the website entry) because unless you invest in PPC (Pay Per Click advertising) you have no control over these adverts whereas you can influence your Google placement in relation to all the other entries.

If you are on the first page or first few pages then you are already doing well, maybe some on-page SEO work could help increase your rankings further.

If you can’t find your website or if its several pages away then more extensive work is probably required.

These two quick and simple steps might seem a bit basic but they are effective and will quickly give you an indication of how much SEO work is needed on your site.

You can find plenty of more detailed information available via a host of other sources including Google Analytics plus countless other SEO websites but sometimes all you need is a simple solution.

At CP Creative we create all our websites using WordPress. If you would like to get in touch with us to discuss a project we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us via our contact page.

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